Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Right Of Passage} Book

Our oldest daughter has challenged us by growing up(she's 12 going on 18)! I'm always reminding them to embrace the age they are and the fun that comes with it. But as questions of "when can I do this" come up, I thought it would be good to write them down. A simple book where the privledges of each age have already been set. It will be great when the other kids get to those ages-we will be prepared.

This is our book: Right Of Passage. (simple photo book from Walmart)

I took out the front & back cover to embellish.

Inside pages. . . {we'll have to add more when we sit down as a family to discuss.} I also thought it would be cute to add photos of the kids (collaged on the same page opposite of each "age" page)each at that age.

What fun privledges do your children have to look forward to? Pin It


  1. When my kids turn 12 we let them start helping with stuffing of the stockings and baskets. (we take them aside for a special secret meeting) They love it and it is fun to see them involved with keeping the magic alive for the little ones. (I guess they don't officially look forward to it because they dont know until the meeting haha!!)Plus Santa and the Bunny love the extra help! PS we make them go to bed before any "big items" are brought out so they still get some surprise.


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