Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Banana Cream PIE

I love PIE! I got this recipe from my sister in law and it is wonderful!


2 large boxes(5.1 oz.) vanilla pudding
3 cups milk
Whisk this together

Then add:
2 cups cour cream
1 large container whip cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk

Mix all together. Then cut up bananas and line bottom of pie shell. Divide the cream mixture into 3 pie shells. Refridgerate them for 1 to 2 hours.

*TIP: I didn't have any graham cracker pie shells so I had to make sugardoodle cookies and blend them up with some butter to make the crust. It was pretty tasty !
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Monday, September 27, 2010

{Smart} Music

Have you ever heard that listening to Mozart can make you smarter? I have, but I've always wondered if it was really true.

My sister's 6 yr/old little boy is a genius. At his young age, his IQ scores are off the charts, so much that the school doesn't even know what to do with him! My sister has recently been studying the "Mozart Effect", trying to figure out if that has anything to do with her son's extrordinary IQ. (When my nephew was a baby and toddler, my sis played Mozart in his room at bedtime and while he slept, for a calming effect.) I think my nephew was born with smart genes, but who knows... could Mozart also have something to do with it?

Here are a couple of website links that my sister recently sent me for free downloads of Mozart's music....
Musical Soup Mozart Downloads
Jerusalem Music Center

I now play Mozart in my home at bedtime, in the morning while getting ready for school, and during study/homework time. I call it "Smart Music", and my kids enjoy it's calming effect. I hope our "Smart Music" is stimulating their little brians. But whether or not it does that, it's calming, and my children are learing to appreciate the fine art and beauty of classical music.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mealtime Plan

With life being so crazy right now(and the kids schedule adjusted) I need an improved Mealtime Plan. I've been inspired by my friend Holly, who does a 2 week meal plan. She loves having everything ready to go for dinner for 2 weeks. It will be good to have the Plan posted on my frig(with a cute magnet-of course).

I found this great site and printed off the planning sheet. I picked one of my cookbooks like I did here to plan out of for the 2 week period.

I'm hoping that it being written down and in plain view will ease my dinner time worries.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{Chocolate} Banana Bread

I knew I had to make Banana Bread with all of these leftover bananas. But I wanted to try something new. . .

I found this great recipe to put these bananas to work for our tummies. We love chocolate-what better way to jazz up regular banana bread than to put chocolate in it. [Although I added more chocolate chips than the recipe calls for]

Hope you enjoy making & eating this super yummy bread!
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Great BOOK!

I have been borrowing these books from our Library from this author. She is amazing at writing. I'm having a hard time putting these books down. [I even take it in the car and when there is a red light I see how much I can read. I can read almost a page and a half. I think that's a good use of time].
They're set around the 1890's. Even though its fiction, there's history, inspiration & romance. Its fun to be in a different "world" at times but how things have changed.

Anyone else read any good books like these?
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Thursday, September 16, 2010


We had the best Stake Girls Activity Day Camp today. Since I am in the Stake Primary Presidency I was in charge of this activity & with help from above(& other inspiration) it was a great success.

[This group picture was asked to be removed-sorry]

The theme [Stand Firm] came to me and I knew it was perfect for these girls at this age preparing to go into YW's. We then talked about how to Stand Firm -Physically & Spiritually.

Since Angela's kids are in Karate, I asked if Cody & Hailey would show some great tips on how to defend yourself and then the girls were given the opportunity to try the techniques. What a great way to be prepared Physically.

Then we talked about some of the ways to be Spiritually prepared. 1-Articles of Faith (especially #13). 2-Scriptures (Heleman 5:12) and putting on the whole armour. 3- Proclamation to the World for the Family. 4-And keeping a journal(pictures below). We then gave the girls time to pass off the items in their book.

After they were done passing off we had "Ask a Beehive". I think these girls are going to be so excited to go to YW's. The Beehives told of so many great experiences.

Our dessert at the end of the night(sorry pic is sideways). A cup full of "mud".

Just a side note: For the Proclamation part I was really impressed to share with the girls about this article & the power of theProclamation. I have chosen to memorize it like Professor Hill. So I made a handy cheat sheet to help me.

Plastic Name Badges found at the dollar store but I also have seen them at Walmart in the office supply area.

Shrink a copy of Proclamation down(65%) so it can fit in the protectors with double sided paper.

Tie it up with some ribbon for the "book" effect. Great to keep in my purse or pocket.

Our journals: compostition books at Walmart (.25) covered with scrapbook paper. Inside was the Proclamation and space for the group picture(made copies for each girl at Walgreens 1 hour).
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{Tile} Coaster

I made this Tile Coaster a while back & I still love it. I keep it in my craft room for my water. Because my desk is a painted surface my cup left a water ring so now I have to use this to cover it up. It looks cute so I don't mind.

the back (a piece of felt so it doesn't scratch the table)
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love receiving "Thank You" cards whether they are to say thanks for something I made or did for someone. They just make both parties feel good. I think nowadays though, writing Thank You cards has become a lost tradition. Its too easy to just say thanks or email a "thank you". I know this is one tradition I struggle with and want to be better at. I also want our children to continue this tradition instead of "texting" it.

I was inspired, by a movie, where she kept love notes in a container. What a great way to keep them organized but also be able to flip thru them whenever the need arises. I know I have many "off" days where I need a little pick-me-up.

This is where I have some of them(among other places).

I found this at the dollar store.

I just [beautified] it with fabric, ribbon & stickers.

This is where I keep all my Thank You cards. Ready to go.

I think I'm going to try and keep some in my car, purse & church bag. You never know when the need will arise to give someone an little extra "Thank You" to brighten their day.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Karate for Kids

I have a couple of kids that really enjoy the martial arts! They've been training in the Black Belt Club (TaeKwonDo) with the ATA program here in Idaho for the last year and are about half way to earning their black belts. This is such an OUTSTANDING program that has enforced many life skills in my children, such as SELF-CONFIDENCE, PERSEVERANCE, RESPECT, HONOR, INTEGRITY, and LEADERSHIP; just to name a few.

I would highly recommend this program to ALL families, children and adults alike! It's a great workout and provides wonderful mental results as well.

In MY town THIS WEEK our studio (in Meridian, ID) is hosting a BRING-your-BUDDY promo. Our friends can come try a class for FREE! They even have a cool deal for a 5-week trial for only $59 that comes with a FREE karate uniform and belt! FUN!! If you live in my town and would like to try this out, but do not have a BUDDY that goes to KARATE FOR KIDS in Meridian (Franklin/Linder) then just show up to a class and tell them you are friends with the CREATIVE HOMEMAKER. You can go HERE for a class schedule!!

Also, they have the best KICKBOXING classes around, as well as KRAV MAGA. Awesome studio. Awesome owners. Awesome instructors. Awesome workout. Just plain AWESOME!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{Penny} Ring

As I was searching thru all our pennies the other day for Aulina's Memory Book, I had the thought: why not turn one into a Ring(another one to add to the collection). So I found the year I was born(?) and cleaned it up(vinegar & salt for about 5 to 6 mins).

This my version but I did find this one that was pretty neat.

1-I bought the ring at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price(only$0.92).

2-I love flowers(since that is what my name means) so to make the flower, start by cutting strips of your favorite color of fabric(ideal with is between 1/4" & 1/2").

3-Ruff them up with the edge of the scissor blade.

4-Then cut craft wire(black 26 gauge) into lengths of 3 1/2".

5-Start winding the fabric strip around wire and secure at ends with hot glue.

6-Paint the wooden disc. Glue {using E6000}the wire petals to the wooden disc, then a button then the penny. I held it all together with my wood clamp.

Fold the petals into the middle. Then glue(with E6000) whole piece to the ring base.

If the other one was too much you could do a simplified version, like the ones I did for my girls.

I was also able to turn my polished rock(from OR coast) into a ring.
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Friday, September 3, 2010

{Baptism} Memory Book

This Saturday our youngest daughter is getting Baptized. We are so excited and to cherish this event I made a keepsake for her: A Baptism Memory Book.

I got this binder (at Joanns on sale) and personalized it.

Here is the inside pages. . .

Where her program goes & Baptism promises using a penny from this year.

Her favorite things & handprint.

Leaving space for pictures of her in the Baptismal clothes with her dad (title on left says" I want to remember this day"-also for her to write down her testimony & feelings about the day) & pictures with some of her leaders(Bishopric/Primary President/ Stake leaders).

Fun shots with family & friends. The rest of the blank pages will be for the guests at the Baptism to write their testimonies/thoughts. I will also add my testimony along with my husbands.

I love that it will be Special for her on her Special day!
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