Saturday, January 30, 2010

How Organized Are You Poll

January 2010 (92 Votes)
How organized are YOU??

Extremely- 9 (9%)
Somewhat- 55 (59%)
Please Help!- 30 (32%)

Whew... I'm glad that only 9% of you are extremely organized. (Makes me feel better.) I only wish I could say that I'm one of those 9!! Pin It

Friday, January 29, 2010

Christmas Card Binder

This year after Christmas I decided to get all of our family Christmas cards/letters out of the file they were hiding in, and "scrap" them into a book that we can enjoy and add to year after year.

This first page I'd like to put some cute words of some sort, but still haven't found/thought of the perfect thing. Still looking for inspiration on this one... Ideas anyone??

Now keep in mind... I'm not an avid "Scrapper", so these pages are not "top-notch" by any means!...

I only send cards every other year, but as you can see I skipped a few in the beginning when I was having babies like crazy. :o)

I plan on adding more scrapped pages of Christmas pictures, but that will take some time!

I haven't decided yet, but I have saved a few of our friends' picture Christmas cards and may or may not add them to this book as well. Any opinions? Pin It

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inside {My} Organized Purse

This is my last organizing idea for the month. I know for me it has been really good. There has been some projects that have been well over due in getting done. I hope you have had a chance to get some things organized this month in your homes.

I love purses! They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. My other purse was looking a little ragged, a little too small and not very organized. I'm so excited to use my new handmade purse.
To keep my purse organized I've put little stuff in containers. I love containers. They help keep "things" so tidy.

Just a few of the containers. Beauty Bag, "Tools" container, ABC container(great idea to keep the kids entertained at anywhere you have extra time).

1-These are the not so pretty beginning. Remember to "sand it" so the fabric will adhere.

2-Cut a piece of fabric {I love how fabric lays better than paper and doesn't get bubbles}and put a coat of modge podge on container at adhere the fabric.

3-Cut the corners so they will lay flush and not bunched up.

4-After glue has dried, cut fabric excess off.

5-Modge podge the final coat to protect.
Purse "tute" follows:

I was inspired to make a purse like this but with "Heather" style. I just got a denim skirt from Goodwill(at 1/2 price= $1.00). I think they use denim pants but I think a skirt works so much better.

1-Using a simple Crayola marker(if you make a mistake this comes out really well with a wet wipe) draw the outline of a design with your stencil you would like to stitch. I used embroidery floss to do the stitching.

2-My stitching is complete!

3-Turn skirt inside out and measure the width (add 1 inch to the measurment). Pull sides a little to get correct measurment.

4-Measure the length. I started just under the "main seam". Remember to double this number because you will be folding it in half.

5-Cut a piece of your desired fabric. Fold is at bottom.

6-Stitch 1/2 inch seam on each end.

7-When done with the ends, fold right sides together and stitch down each side.

8-Turn the skirt inside out and stitch along the bottom edge {Make sure you have denim needle!}.

9-Go to side of skirt and pinch to make a triangle.

10-Sew like this...

11-This is the "pleat" edge effect.

12-The look from the bottom of the purse.

13-Stuff fabric pouch inside the skirt.

14-Starting at the button/zipper(front); start pinning the inside fabric to the skirt going around(if there is any excess just fold it over close to a side-TIP: its better to have excess than not enough)

15-Your ready to sew them together. I put it this way so I can get a straighter line guided by the exsistin stitching. Just remember to watch for your pins and pull them our before you get to them!

16-I unbuttoned it so I could finish the stitching off.

17-Cut a belt(also found at goodwill for only a 1.00) in 1/2 and place it where you want it along the front at the top edge.

18-Sew a square (stitch/backstitch/stitch each side of the square)

You are Done! Now you get to enjoy your beautiful purse!

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New Hobby Lobby Store Open in My Town!!

I am SO excited to FINALLY have a HOBBY LOBBY in my town!!! Woot!! Our Hobby Lobby store, here in Meridian, ID (Eagle Rd/Ustick) opened yesterday! Watch out Craft Warehouse, Joann's and Michaels. This store tops them ALL!!! They have the best deals in my opinion and an amazing selection, as well as high quality merchandise for reasonable prices. Their "Grand Opening" is this Monday 2/1. Pin It

Creative Homemaker Polls

(Illustration taken from "Cookie Polls")

I LOVE polls! I love voting in them and peeking at the results. It's always interesting to where I stand amongst the majority.

I thought it would be fun to start recording/posting the final results of all the polls we do on our site!

Also, I think it would be so fun to hear some of your personal comments on some of the answers; especially when there is a box to check for "None of the above" (or something similar). Or maybe your answer is not an option on the poll, but you would love to share it anyway. (And we'd love to hear it!!!!)

And/or maybe YOU have a burning question you'd like to submit for us to post as a poll?

Please share! You can email us at TheCreativeHomemaker (at) gmail (dot) com, or you can leave a comment on this post or on the specific post for each different poll. Pin It

Laundry Room Poll

image taken from Alkemie

January 2010- (82 votes)
Your laundry room is:
It's own room- 16 (19%)
A walk-through to garage- 31 (37%)
Upstairs with bedrooms- 9 (10%)
None of the above- 26 (31%)

Those of you who voted "None of above", what kind of laundry room to do have?? Is it in the basement? Behind closet doors? (I should have put the basement option. Oh well.)
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FHE/ Activity Binder System

FHE Binder [system part 1]

As a present, my friend {Jen} gave me a Family Home Evening binder labeled with monthly themes. Jan-Order & Goals, Feb-Love, Mar-Family Unity, Apri-Becoming More Spiritual, May-Self- Reliance, Jun-Membership in the Church, Jul-Patriotism & Pioneers, Aug-Following Christ, Sept-Purpose:Plan of Salvation, Oct-Obedience, Nov-Gratitude, Dec-Charity. Its a great idea to have a focus and to be able to direct your FHE lessons or scripture study on that theme. I love it and still cherish it!

This is a sample of the front page of each month.

I have divided the months up so I can put 3 months in each binder.

I decided to take it a little further each month and have sub-topics. Each Monday night we have a lesson to introduce the Gospel topic (under the monthly theme) for the week. Then we focus on that topic of the Gospel and explore activities to reinforce that topic[system part 2]. I just printed some blank calendars to write in the topics. I was able to go to one of my favorite sites and look thru the alphabet for some ideas. I did: Jan-Goal Setting/Priorities, Responsibilities, Work/House of Order, Word of Wisdom. Feb-Love/Kindness, Repentance, Forgiveness, Morality. Mar-Family Unity(Communicatin), Manners(ettiquette), Reverence,Missionary Work, CTR(honesty/accountability/emaple). Apr- Review of Conf., Resurrection/Second Coming, Prayer, Faith/Revelations. May- Talents/Gifts, "Mothers"(including Eve,Mary, etc), Being Prepared(temperal & spiritual), Testimony/Trials, Temple. Jun- Baptism(covenants), "Fathers"(Adam, Lehi,etc), Leadership/Callings, Patriotism. Jul- Agency, Diversity, Pioneers, Searching the Scriptures. Aug-Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy,Atonement, Sacrifice, Armor of God, 6 B's. Sept- Plan of Salvation, Creation, I am a child of God, Godhead/Holy Ghost. Oct-Listening & Folowwing Church leaders/Review of Conf., Budgeting, Commandments, Fasting/Fast Offering. Nov- Gratitude, Restoration of the Gospel, Music & Hymns, Pat. Blessings, Sacrament. Dec- Service, Stories of Jesus, Birth of Christ, Review of the Year.

I have put some sheet protectors labeled with week 1 ,2,3 & 4. The lessons for that topic go in the corresponding "week" sheet protector. They hold everything I need for that lesson {except for any part of the lesson that is too big to fit in the sheet protector.}
For me this system works and keeps me organized so we can faithfully hold Family Home Evenings. We recieve so many blessings for doing so!
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