Friday, April 27, 2012

A NEW Way to Exercise

I walked through the front doors at Walmart the other day & saw the new album cover for Carrie Underwood-she looks awesome(I want those legs)! So I googled what she does for exercise(I know eating right is part of it too).

When she's not with her trainer, she uses just a simple deck of cards(I found mine at the dollar store which makes them 50 cents for each deck) to make a workout fun.
I followed what she does:
Each suit is a part of the body. So when you get a "heart with a 4", you would do 4 lunges.
You can go through the whole deck or just half or whatever your body can start with.
Hearts=legs(like lunges/squats, etc. . . )
Diamonds=arms(like push ups, resistant band, etc. . .)
Spades=core(like sit ups, etc. . . .)
Clubs=cardio( like sliders/jump rope/jumping jacks)
Joker=mile run

I'm so excited to keep my body guessing(and burn up to 600 calories) plus I can't get too bored with this!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

baby {TIME}

My friend Trina just had a baby boy-this was my gift. . .
I did gifts from different times of the day{Play Time, Any Time, Bath Time, Bed Time & a "Just for Mom" Time}


Cut 2 pieces of fabric(7"x7"). Pin 9 strips of ribbon (5" in length)folded in half. 3 on each side. Stitch 1/4" seam around the square. Leave an opening on one side.

Cut a ziplock bag to fit the dimensions of the fabric.

Layer all the pieces together to do the final stitching. On the bottom start with the fabric with the stitched on ribbon then the other piece of fabric(right sides together) then the ziplock bag.

Stitch 1/2" seam around the square. Leave the opening so you can turn it inside out.

Turn right sides out and stitch all the way around.


Hats & Wipes


I used a scrapbook die cut shape for my duck pattern.

Stitch the duck on with coordinating thread.

Pin 2 bath hand towels right sides together then stitch.

Turn inside out and stitch around the outer edge.

"Baby Sleeping" door sign(I hot glued felt onto the back so it wouldn't hurt the door)

Hair Clip, Chocolate, & Calgon Bath Salts

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Friday, April 20, 2012


This is an inspiring WONDERFUL book {perfect time to get/give for Mother's Day}.

Jane Clayson Johnson was a news anchor woman who gave up a 6 figure job to stay home with her 2 children. I know not all woman can do that because we all have different circumstances to challenge us but what an example of the sacrifice a mother can make for her children.
I'm thankful for this great reminder that teaches me that our role as a mother is truely divine. We MATTER and what we do can help shape our children into the people they are to be.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Never stop striving for the best that is within YOU.
Never stop hoping for all the righteous desire of your heart.
But don't close your eyes and hearts to the simple and elegant beauties of each day's ordinary moments that make up a rich, well-lived life."

{Dieter F. Uchtdorf "Forget Me Not"}

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meridian Spring Formal

My friend Cami is in charge of putting on this dance. You can go here to print the info.

In an effort to provide a prom where both the parents and students felt good about the moral climate, the Meridian Spring Formal was born. Our goal is to provide a formal dance for the teenagers of Meridian, ID where the dress, lighting, lyrics, music, and entertainment contribute to a wholesome atmosphere. Regardless of school and religious boundaries, all High School couples who are 16 and older, and are willing to comply with the dress and conduct code below, are invited to attend.

This special event will be held at:
Ten Mile Christian Church
3500 W. Franklin in Meridian, ID
which is on the corner of Ten Mile Rd. and Franklin Rd.

Cost of tickets is $30 per couple until May 5, 2012.
Cost will then increase to $50 per couple.

Cost includes admission to the dance, pictures, and refreshments.

Conduct Standards include:
*Must be 16 years or older and accompanied by a date
*No profane, vulgar or crude language
*No alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
*No full body contact, suggestive dancing, moshing, grinding, running, or sliding

Dress Standards include:
*Girls dresses should not be short, tight, sheer, low-cut in the front or the back and should cover the shoulders
*Boys should wear Sunday dress or tuxedos

Individuals not in compliance to these standards will either not be admitted or asked to leave by the chaperones.
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Friday, April 13, 2012


I love PEEPS. It was a tradition to get them every year for Easter.
My friend Megan got this Peep Banner idea from her mom. Megan & I serve together in Activity Days with the 10&11 year olds. This was such a fun activity.

This is the simplified version for the girls' to make. . .

This is mine. . .

How to:

Trace a peep for your pattern (increase 200%). Cut 2 for each peep.

Stitch around the felt fabric with coordinating color. Add eyes and nose with black paint.

Hot glue the felt peeps to the ribbon spaced evenly (I did 55" long so then I could have loops for hanging) and attach tuelle, fabric strips or fuzzy yarn in between the peeps.

You can make it as long as you need it-just add more of peeps, ribbon and tuelle.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Door Decor

My mom gave me some fabric strips the other day leftover from a quilt she was making. They were so cute and had the Easter colors, I had to figure out how to use them. This is what I came up with. . .
"Tute" to make it:

First, I cut 5 picket fence boards(3"x 13 1/3").

I glued other pieces of wood on the back to hold them together.

Cut the strips of fabric to fit the boards.

Glue them to all 5.

Unwind some raffia rope to wrap around a wooden egg.

I used this for under the egg.

Attach a vinyl quote.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

PlaceMat Easter Decor

I was going through the Dollar Bins at Target last week.

I found these Easter felt place mats in the $2.50 section. They were so unique, I knew I I wouldn't use them as they are intended but I thought they would make a great Easter Decor item.

I cut a piece of scrap wood and spray painted it green.

I used tacky glue to adhere the felt piece to the wood.

I love the Simplicity of the this Easter Decoration!

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