Monday, January 25, 2010

Organized Ribbon

I love my ribbon organized this way. I can easily find what I need without getting out another container or having to unwind it.

I just used the 2 inch closeable rings, curtain rod and curtain rod rings. I fold the ribbon in half, loop it over the ring and put the end of the ribbon in the ribbon loop. Then if I need a piece of ribbon I just cut it off of the end.

This is my jar of ribbon. This has odds and ends of ribbon/fabric strips. I always go here first to check if there is something I can use before I cut any off of the hanging ones.

I love this system because it works and it looks pretty. Pin It


  1. Love love love the use of curtain rod and rings!
    Made of Metal Curtain Rods

  2. This is just one of the things in Heather's craft room that I SO envy! So of course I'm just going to take this inspiration and make my own! Go Heather!

  3. What great inspiration - it would be easy to create something beautiful in a room with that in it. Nice work.

  4. thanks for the nice compliments!

  5. This is a genius idea! Thank you!


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