Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick & Easy Saturday Meals

Saturdays are so busy now for us(probably like many of you) so I have some recipes that will be great for tomorrow.


Breakfast Hot Dogs Put a cooked cheddar filled smoked sausages in a bun. Top it with scrambled eggs and shredded cheese.

LUNCH: PB & Strawberry Pita Pockets For a one serving size, mix together 4 Tbl. chunky peanut butter, 1 Tbl. honey, 2 Tbl. dry roasted sunflower seeds. Spread this mixture inside the pita pocket. Slice 3 strawberries and place inside. Pin It


  1. I made your chicken skewers last night....busy FHE night with piano lessons and school activities. Anyway, they tasted wonderful, but I know you must have done something more to get them to look like your picture. I'm guessing that you put them on the grill and basted them? Mine didn't have that rich color or sauce stuck to them. My sauce was a dipping "liquid" and it was really good but mine did not look the same as yours. So, if you get a chance and you're willing, please share your secret. Served with rice pilaf and salad. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. the ones in the picture were cooked a little longer. the sauce stayed on but the chicken was tough & dry. sorry for your sauce turning out runny but I think its better than tough chicken. Thanks for willing to give it a try & let me know your thoughts!


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