Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RS Craft Night

Just last night we had our relief society holiday craft night, and guess who did ALL the crafts for it? That would be our own Creative Homemaker, HEATHER. This woman is truly amazing! I think she ought to give us all a tutorial on how to prepare for and carry out a craft-making activity.

I went early to the craft activity to help Heather set up, and wish I would have taken pictures of inside her van. Holy heck! Not only that, but she also had everyone's complete "kits" separately packaged and tied with name tags attached, and set them up on the different tables. She had everything cut, painted, and ready to assemble. It was absolutely incredible! I would never have been able to do all that in the way she did, especially without having a nervous breakdown or something!!

The only thing I would've liked to see differently for our craft night was to have had one more hour. Two hours is not nearly enough time to finish a multiple craft projects, even if they are partly done for you (and depending on the projects). (But that was the RS presidency's call, not ours and they aren't crafters.) I felt so bad for the gals that didn't even get to start on some of their projects! There is nothing worse than taking home a craft kit and not having the time, resources, or know-how to finish it. This will probably result in an additional gathering to finish the projects. Bummer!

One cool thing that our ward did (that I saw for the first time), was give everyone a $10 credit toward there projects. (Most things costed $5 or less anyway.) With this economy, it was an awesome idea!
So for an FYI... plan at least 3 hours for a craft night (or if you're allowed, do it on a Saturday), no matter how simple or time-consuming the project is (cuz people can leave when they're done and those that take longer or sign up for multiple things will have time to complete theirs). Have everything organized and ready to assemble, make sure everyone knows before-hand exactly how much time they have to complete their projects, and maybe even give a limit quantity of porjects that people can sign up for! Our craft night was a lot of fun and went very smoothly, and was mostly a success! Thanks to all of Heather's hours of hard work!!!
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  1. They look amazing! I'm a helper for the craft nights and I have been looking for some ideas. Thanks for sharing the ideas!!!!!!

  2. Oh man! I am in charge of ours coming up in November! It is A LOT of work, even with help! What cute ideas and great insight, this post couldn't have come at a better time for me! I am a bit stressed, but it will all work out great! Remember the days??? so fun! Loves...


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