Monday, July 5, 2010

Hoody Towel {Tute}

Over 2 years ago I made each of my kids a hoody towel.

First of all...
*The reasons why I LOVE these towels:
-They are super QUICK/EASY to make
-They are super inexpensive
-They are durable and super functional
-They hang nicely on a hook
-They make great gifts!
-You can customize them to your prefrence

*The reason I only buy WHITE towels:
-I read in a motherhood book once that white towels are best because you can wash them all together, and you can {clorox} bleach them. I've been using white towels ever since.

To make a hoody towel, you will need...
-One Bath towel
-One Hand towel (really half... must cut)
-Ribbon if you want to dress it up a bit
-Seem ripper, scissors, sewing machine, pins, etc
(Every one of the above items can be found at Walmart! That is where I bought my towels and ribbon.)

How to make these wonderful things...
1- Fold hand towel in half (from end to end) and cut in half on the fold.

2- Rip out (with seem ripper) the hem at the end of the hand towel.

3- Fold edge down (wrong sides) to match up with the end of the design on hand towel.

4- Sew down with a straight stitch.

5- Fold in half (right sides together) so the cut edges match up.

6- Stitch along the raw (cut) edge.

7- Now fold into triangle like this...
stitch across the tip like this...
and trim off top...
Turn right-side out.

8- Time to pin the hood to the towel. Find the middle of the bath towel and hood. Match up edges (right sides together) and start pinning in place (starting from the middle).

I fold in a couple of tucks on each side of the middle point (which is optional).

Here it is all pinned up and ready to stitch...

9- Sew on the hood.

10- To give it a finished, cleaner, edge and stronger hold; fold the sewn edge up toward the hood and stitch a quick seem.



Dress your hoody towel up with RIBBON!!
(You will need about 2 1/4 yards of ribbon if you are doing the hood and both ends of the towel.)

When doing this variation, be sure to sew on the ribbon FIRST THING (at least BEFORE step 5).

Have fun with these!!

Update 7-12-10: I made these cute matching towels for my little nieces' birthdays that were the same week...

Also, Walmart has some fun bright summer colors right now as well!
(Wow. Just yesterday the shelves were full of these. Today not even close!)

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