Thursday, March 25, 2010

Personalized {Magic} Carpets

Since our children are little and have extra energy during our Family Home Evenings, I figured that maybe having a personalized Magic Carpet would help(at least for the lesson). I am so excited to use them on Monday Night(even though they have already tried them out)!

1-I called around to a few of our local carpet supply stores and asked for the "discontinued carpet samples", they let me have them for FREE (I did have to go back 5 times to keep checking-so worth it though!).

2-In the corner there was a plastic name plate. I just used a really sharp box knife and got as close to the name plate as I could to cut it off.

3-I got similar colored fabric(discounted home furnishing fabric-its thicker) to match the carpet. Cut 4 strips of fabric([2]3 1/2 inch x17 & [2]3 1/2 x 27 inch).

4-Using your glue gun, glue along each edge attaching the strip of fabric. Press down on the fabric, to make sure it adhered. Do all 4 sides and then flip over.

5-Hot glue front side edges. NOTE: I didn't sew any seams!

6-Around all 4 sides cut 1/2 inch slits.

7-Ruff it up by rubbing your hand across back and forth a few times (really fast).

8-To personalize it for each family member, cut a 3 inch wood circle "button". Sand edges really well so its not too sharp.

9-Cut ribbon pieces into 3 1/2 inch strips. Fold in 1/2 & glue to the back side.

10-Finished back side of "button".

11-Using a long thick needle and thin matching ribbon pull thru (using pliers) the carpet.

12-Tie up the button, with double knots.

13-Use a sharpie marker to write the family members' name.

14-All done & ready to use! I will use these for Family Night but I'm also excited to use them for General Conference also. Pin It


  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea. I have four kids, and the two younger ones can't sit still to save their souls. I can't wait to get home from spring break and make this! What a great idea!!

  2. so cute, easy and cheap! LOVE, love, love it! Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  3. Brilliant! I will have to try this one out.

  4. This is great! I need to try it. It would also be great for Sunbeams!!

  5. LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! My kids are all grown but maybe for the grandkids. Great idea!

  6. Genius! Thanks for the inspiration. It will be featured on my blog shortly so I can remember it!

  7. Oh I Love This! This is actually something that I think I can handle! Thanks so much!!


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