Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Perfect Time to Strengthen Your Marriage + A Drawing!

I'd like to show you one of my favorite books... (even though I don't love to read) I have this book and love it, and want to get the audio version!

What's totally fabulous (to me) is that I personally know the author, Laura Brotherson. She's the most darling person, and I am SO grateful to know her and to be a partaker of her amazing professional insight! She has changed so many lives and aided in strengthening millions of marriages, including my own.

Not only has Laura written this fabulous book, she also has audio talks on CD and downloadable audio presentations!

There is also a Valentine's Special going on right now! If you order Laura's book, or any one of her audio downloads or CD's, you will also get a free talk on CD- Love 101- Learning to Love More Meaningfully!

Now, are you ready to enter the annual Valentine's Day drawing for a free one-night stay at the Anniversary Inn? Head over to Laura's blog right now and send in your couple photo, along with your "How We Met" story by Valentine's Day. Easy-Peasy- and you could be the lucky winner! I just sent mine in, and I'm crossing my fingers!

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for Laura's Straight Talk about Strengthening Marriage Newsletter. So enlightening... I highly recommend it! Pin It

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  1. That book has saved me, literally! It has been one of the greatest learning tools in my life! I highly recommend that book, too. How cool that you know her! Off to go enter that SWEET giveaway!


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