Sunday, February 15, 2009

My New Toy!

I have a new gadget that is helping to make my life so much more organized! It's a P-Touch labeler, made by Brother.

I have a friend who is a professional organizer, and she helped me organize my out-of-control craft room a couple of years ago. She said that the key to an organized space is labeling. I've often been too lazy to label things. Then when I go to put something away, I forget where it goes. But after having a "labeled" craft room, I have a tried and true affirmation that what my friend, Bobbi said is the only way to go!

I'm almost embarrassed to show you this, but here was my daughters' bedroom a couple weeks ago at it's worst. (Unbearable!)

Here is the same room today.

We had a whole bonus room in our last home where we kept all the kids' toys. We don't have that in this house... We have just a small space inside the girls' room for everything, so I had to do something to keep things under control. I know that labeling everything is going to make all the difference! I even labeled the drawers and closet containers.

I didn't have a labeler until recently, and I've been a "labeling fool" ever since! I LOVE my P-Touch labeler from Brother. I trust this company and highly recommend their products! And they are NO more pricey than some of the no-name products that I've seen at some stores. I'm so glad I finally have one of these! They are so quick and easy (unlike trying to making some on the computer or using vinyl letters). All you do is turn on the labeler, type in a word and press "print". It spits out a label, and walla- done!! And it's a much nicer looking option than using a permanent marker!! I am having SO much fun with this little $40 mommy-toy. I know- only 40 bucks! It's worth every penny! Every homemaker needs one of these in my opinion!

I am in the process of labeling my pantry and cupboards. I will post pictures as soon as I get them done! Pin It


  1. I love it! I should get one myself! I recently moved my preschool to my house (before was in my parents full basement with a lot of room and storage space). My husband is too cheap to buy some cabinets, so I think this is looking like a great solution... not to mention my kids rooms as well! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. This looks great. I would love to have a labeler. I think I might have to invest in one. Everything looks nice and tidy and labeled.

  3. Hi! I already introduced myself here but I wanted to point out that on my blog I have my label maker on my list of one of my favorite things of 2009! FUN FUN! Good job.

  4. OK, this one isn't as fancy adn pretty as yours, but it is still a "brother"! $10 and free shipping (choose "budget shipping") here:

  5. good job Ang, that looks awesome! I'm so proud of you! I need to get one of those too. Bobbi labeled everything in my craft closet and I love it, because I remember where to find things, since before i would forget where i shoved everything! love ya, gina


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