Friday, August 3, 2012

{M&A} Bridal Shower

I was so excited when my cousin asked if I could host a Bridal Shower for her brother who is getting married. The bride to be is so sweet, I had to make it special. I found some great deals so I didn't have to spend too much.
I made this yard pick using a Real Estate sign base. Then drilled holes & glued on a piece of wood that I made into a chalkboard. It can be used it for any occasion. 
Entry Way.
Tissue Pom Poms (above the food table).
"The Better Bargain" Game: #1-10. Each number had 2 items. They had to guess which one was cheaper(the better bargain). The Bride was able to take all these items with her.
The Food Table.
Menu Board(that she gets to keep). I glued a frame(that I purchased at second hand store) onto a piece of wood, painted it then painted the center into a chalkboard.
Personalized items.
Dips with crackers and fruit. I used dollar store frames with dry erase markers for food labeling.
Different kinds of cookies(she gets to keep the jars).
Date Night Ideas.
Aulina's Lego Bride.
Another Aulina creation.

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  1. It was a great shower! So glad I was able to be there. Thanks for being willing to host the party and add your "heather" flair to it!

  2. Lots of great ideas. I love the better bargain game. Neat idea!

  3. You did great! Love it all! What fun!


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