Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homemade Un-Crustable Sandwiches

I am sooo EXCITED to have found this new kitchen gadget for making sandwiches.
Last week I was getting bread for sandwiches and this Kitchen Tool (at Walmart)was hanging by it. Our kids love sandwiches without the crusts. I always have to cut the crusts off(unless its homemade) the bread- its a pain but I love my kids so I do it. Sometimes we will will buy the "uncrustables" but their not as versatile, healthy and a little on the spendy side.
With this Tool all you have to do is place the tool on the bread. Push down the white first then the red. Automatically you have a uncrusted pillow pocket sandwich-the "insides" have endless possibilities.

 Thank you Wonder for coming up with such a Fabulous idea!!!
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