Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hats for NICU Babies

When our 2nd daughter was born she had to be in the NICU area for 4 days. It was hard but I'm so thankful  they kept her safe and gave her an opportunity to heal so she could come home. Since this place has such a sweet spot in my heart I knew this would be a great service opportunity.
A couple of months ago we had an activity with our "Activity Day" Girls sewing these hats to give to the hospital. I spent $12.00 and cut out 85 hats. I was inspired to recycle a shirt (from the second hand store)from this cute idea.
For my pattern I bought these hats at Walmart to trace (then used them as a gift for a friend).
Turn the shirt inside out. Cut the hat from the sleeve or bottom finished edge. Stitch around the cut edge.
Done with the boy hat.
Girl hat.
For the girl hat flower: cut 6 circles (3@ 1 1/2", 3@ 1 3/4").
Layer them & tie a knot in the center.
Cut slits going around the circle. Be careful not to cut all the way through.
 Tie on a button.
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  1. how adorable! i would love to do something like this. thanks.

  2. by chance could you make a pattern of the hat for me please.


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