Friday, July 13, 2012

"Nailed It"

I heart Pinterest! And I always LOL when I see pins about projects/recipes gone wrong. Sad, but hillarious.

 Well, one went wrong for me on the 4th of July, and I was super dissapointed. (I even cried over it, but I think that part was mostly hormonal.)

So I re-pinned this scrumptious-looking recipe for Ding Dong Cake, and decided to make it as my son's birthday cake on the 4th of July. Beautiful, right?

...Not so much when I was done. Heres mine. I'm not sure what went wrong. But I think I may have whipped the filling for way too long, because it just didn't spread on the cake right, and the cake shifted on the way to my parents'. Maybe the cake needed to be cold before filling and icing it. It tasted yummy, but it certainly wasn't very pretty!

I guess I get to add my own "Nailed it" pic to the Pinterest world. And here it is...

In fact, I found a cool blog (through Pinterest) called Pintrosity, that is hillarious; but its also very helpful! They help detect the problems so we can fix them. Love it!!

So I may be sending this picture over. It was definately a "PINTROSITY"! haha
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  1. Do send it on over! We'd love to feature this on our site.

  2. That sucks that your cake didn't look nice, at least for the presentation and happy birthday song LOL It probably would help if the cake had cooled before frosting it. If you put the frosting in between layers when it's warm it will warm up the frosting, making the cake layers slide :0( Also the frosting, if the frosting is too runny (IDK what word to use, but you get the idea) that will also make the cake layers slide.

  3. this is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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  4. Awesome! You are such a fabulous mom, Angela and I'm sure it tasted wonderful. Sometimes, I wonder how people really pull of all the amazing food things I see on Pinterest.


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