Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tidbits of Eagle {Wedding #2}

One more cake for my niece Rachel.

Her Cream Puff Cake{ aka Croquembouche = traditional French Wedding Cake}. Since there won't be enough for everyone I'll have platters with some drizzled with chocolate & caramel.

How I did it:

I covered the cake board with foil then adhered the styrofoam cone (Michael's 6"x 24" ) with carpet tape.

Crumble up the foil wrap into a long strand.

Adhere the foil strand to the cone with straight pins going up the cone like a winding stair case.

"Frost" the cone with caramel(so the cream puffs will stay a bit better) and cut the skewer sticks(about 1 1/2") to fit inside. Place almost frozen cream puffs(yes I'd love to take the credit for making these yummy treats but Costco had so many boxes- so much easier) onto each stick. I used about 130 cream puffs.

I put the same "C" I used for the other cake to top it off.

Water Station.

Hot Chocolate Station.

Table Centerpieces.

Where the Bride and groom will stand.
My SIL Fabiana has such great visions for decorating!

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