Monday, March 5, 2012

Quilled Heart

This is one of the gifts we gave to my niece, Rachel, for her wedding.

I loved this quote (thanks pinterest!) and thought this Quilled Heart would add a special touch.

Quilled Heart How To:

I cut strips of paper in 1/4"x8".

Take the paper and wind it around the tool. They have quilling tools but you could use a paint brush end, pen, pencil. . .

Use a pattern to guide you. . .

Glue the end. After this
one I figured out that the hot glue gun worked faster and better.

Put dabs of white glue (that will dry clear) on the bottom of the coiled paper.

Place the quilled coils onto your board to form the shape.

I did this one also.

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  1. Super cool - love this idea! Your blog is very inspiring!


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