Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Broken Up" {Heart}

I finally finished this project just in time to use for next years Valentine's Day. Yes, its been one of those month's.

My friend, Keva, is the one who inspired me with this idea. She asked me to cut out a heart (18" tall x 9" wide)for her that was cut up to put on a board (19" long x 9 1/4" wide)so she could hang it on her front door.
Keva's Finished Heart:

Heather's Finished Heart:

I mod podged different papers on it and sanded the edges for the aged look.

I brad nailed the wood molding pieces to "hinge" the other heart pieces together.

To hang it, I cut an 1"x20" piece of fabric. Sew together and fray the edges by pulling it thru your hand.

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