Monday, February 27, 2012

Tidbits of Utah {Wedding #2}

We just got back from attending my niece's wedding in the Draper Temple in Utah.
My SIL is helping my talents grow by asking me to do the wedding cake again. I love baking so I know it will at least taste good even though its not perfect on the outside(still trying to get that right).

I used this for the base of the cake. Its a wall mirror-I just took the mirror out and built a wood base to fit inside.

For the top of the cake: I cut a wood "C", spray painted it silver and adorned it with rhinestones.

The ribbons with charms(charms are under the cake plate)for the "Pull Cake". Since my husbands' family is from Argentina, they have a different wedding tradition. All the girls not married get to pull a ribbon from the cake. Whoever pulls the one with the ring is the one who gets married next. I cut some PVC pipes (the same height of the bottom cake)into the bottom cake to adhere the cake plate for the next cake tier.

This is the 3 Tier cake after finishing it. {Before the wedding}

This is the 2 Tier cake for the reception. . . .{After the wedding}
My heart skipped many beats when I saw the cake had fallen over. I had to fix it the best I could. I think between putting too much filling in the cake and the frosting not setting up properly, it just couldn't help but fall over. At least they will have some fun memories!

The reception room(done by the grooms family).

The beautiful Bride & our youngest daughter.

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  1. I love the idea of a 'Pull Cake'. Wish I would have known about that for my wedding! I also love the cake base. What a great idea. I'm sure it was quite tasty... The cake, not the base. ;)

  2. Heather the cake was beautiful!!! Great idea! Rachel and I are looking at this right now.... We love your base/foundation piece such a great idea. You are so talented. Rachel's mom does cakes, Rachel just asked if you had used dowels....I guess wooden dowels will help hold up the cake...something to file in the next time box! Keep up the great work!

  3. thanks Cheryl!
    Tricia-Thanks and I used PVC pipes to put in the bottom cake so I can put the next tier on. I think they are less expensive than wooden dowels and the cake "table" legs fit into the PVC pipes.


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