Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Easy Heart Wreath

I finally made a craft! It's been a while, since I'm now a working mom. But I needed something new for my front door for Valentine's month! So I created a simple heart-shaped wreath from 3/4 yard of fabric and 2 old wire hangers. Wanna make one?

Here's what you'll need:
-2 wire hangers
-3 (1/4 yard pieces) of fabric in coordinating colors
-Heavy-duty wire cutter/plyers
-Sewing scissors or rotary cutter
Preparing the Wire Heart:
1. "Un-twist" the hangers to pull them apart. (I did not need the plyers for this.) Squeeze the curved "hanger" part into an oval shape, so it can be used to hang the wreath! (This will be at the top/center of the heart.)
2. Cut one of the hangers in half with the heavy-duty plyers. (You only need 1 1/2 hangers for this project.)
3. Using the heavy-duty plyers, twist the 1 1/2 hangers together (with their already twisted parts).
4. Connect the ends at the top/center of the heart with plyers. (This will require some "elbow grease".)
5. Bend at the opposite end to make the bottom tip of the heart, then shape the rest of it into desired heart-shape.

Preparing the Fabric Strips:
1. Cut each of the three 1/4 yard (9") fabric pieces in half length-wise (which will leave you with 6 strips that measure 4 1/2 x 44").
2. Double up the fabric strips (or more depending on the quality of your scissors or rotary cutter) and cut about 1" strips all the way down. (You will end up with tons of little strips measuring about 1" x 4 1/2 ".)
3. Organize the strips into their own 3 groups.

Putting it Together:
1. Turn on a good chick-flick movie and get cumfy.
2. Tightly tie on all the little fabric strips to the wire heart in your desired pattern. (You do not have to tie a double knot.)
3. You're done! Hang up your wreath and show it off!! (In fact, take a pic and show me too!)

Happy Valentine's Day!! Love, Angela
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  1. So cute! and it looks like a nice and simple project! Thanx for sharing!



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