Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine FHE

We had one of the best Family Home Evenings last night. Not just because it was simple but it had a lot of
meaningful moments.

We talked about {REAL LOVE}. I read this quote: "Real love enlarges the soul. It helps us to bite our tongue when it would be easy to say hurtful words. It gives us an understanding heart that is filled with compassion for another. It enables us to be more patient with others' imperfections and acknowledges our own. The miracle of real love is that those who choose to love blossom under the sunshine of trust and appreciation-they even become more lovable. Whenever we make a choice for lasting love, we grow. Our hearts expand in kindness; our minds are more open to another's point of view. Love is an act of will-namely, both an intention and an action. "Will" implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love."
-[from the Spoken Word February 15 2005]

Then we each took our paper heart: wrote our own name on it, then passed it to our left so the next person could write on it. We wrote something that we LOVE about that person. We kept passing until everyone could write on each one. Lots of Laughs & Smiles!

The activity for FHE we made our {yearly} valentine tradition cookies (recipe & how to here) for their classmates.


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