Friday, November 18, 2011

Tom Turkey Brooch

I love brooches. It seems they are becoming more popular-the flower ones anyways. I made this one to wear on Thanksgiving Day.
My How To:

1-I cut 2 strips of fabric from dark brown fabric to coil into rosettes (this is a great tutorial on that). For the body I cut 1 at 43"x1" & for the head I cut 1 at 23"x1". For the "feathers" I cut 1 at 2"x6", 2 1/4"x6", 2 1/2"x6".

2-Layer the "feather" fabric together and run a gathering stitch along the bottom.

3-Pull tight and tie a knot.

4-Fray the edges by pulling on the strings.

5-Cut slits.

6-Use the fabric rosettes & adhere the "body" to the wooden disc.

7-Attach the head to the body, then add eyes(black rhinestone), beak(scrapbooking paper clips), & the red gobble thing(extra fabric).

8-Glue on a pin attachment to the back.

Here is another one I made with different fabric and I changed the rhinestones eyes to smaller ones-looks better
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  1. He is so stinkin' cute!!! I love it!! What a fun thing. . .I should make little ones up for my girls! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!


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