Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kids Room {Cleaning} Checklist

On Saturdays we clean our home.

One of the jobs each child has is to clean their own room. Since most kids idea of the room clean is different from the moms, our kids are no different. I wanted a list where they could check off but also I could double check when I came to inspect. I was inspired by Ang's idea to put a type of checklist by the lightswitches in each room. I tried that & our lists seemed to fall down &/or disappear.

I found these hooks that have a sticky top(found in the hardware section) and thought they would be perfect to actually stick on the lightswitch(lightswitches are inexpensive to change later if need be). I added a letter to the top and applied it to the lightswitch. Then with pliers, bent the hook towards itself so the pocket wouldn't fall off as easy.

Since its plastic the dry erase markers work very well. When they are done with that certain job in their room they just fill in the block with the dry erase marker. Go here to print one.

o look at the Cleaning Checklist all week long, we will have another piece of paper in front. They can choose to put their favorite quote or scripture they are trying to memorize(each week to go with our FHE lesson we have scriptures to reflect back on that lesson).

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  1. AWESOME idea! It gives me a great idea for seminary...Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!
    Love ya

  2. What an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Heather- I just need to hand over EVERY idea of mine for you to "Heatherize" and make even better!! We are kindreds for sure, Heth, but you are too amazing. I don't even hold a candle to your creativity!! Love this!


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