Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Job System

These are my job charts

Oh and the stick faces to choose from will be uploaded very soon... Stay tuned!!
Job Checklist chart with Job Description holder (not pictured)
Custom Daily Schedule

Dinner Jobs chart with customized Velcro faces

Table Seating Chart with customized Velcro faces

Vehicle Seating Chart with customized Velcro faces

Can't Play Stop Sign

Bathroom Reminder Sign

Behavior Punch Cards 25-Pack

Family Home Evening Wheel
The Family Package: Includes 2 Job Checklist Charts with Job Description Cardholders, 1 Daily Schedule, 1 Dinner Job chart or Vehicle Chart, 1 Table Seating Chart, 1 Can't Play Stop Sign, 1 Bathroom Reminder sign, and 1 Pack of 30 Behavior Punch Cards.

These charts are made of durable card stock, lamination and Velcro; and come with your choice of magnetic or sticky adhesives for easy mounting.

Order your custom-made charts with personalized jobs, and stick-faces of your choice to match your family members.
**This is where you have to make a bunch of decisions, but I'm here to help you through it! :) Pin It


  1. Have you considered a multi pack that includes everything?? I would love it all!!!! Love what you do!

  2. So sorry! I see the multi pack now! Such a cook I am!

  3. Can you tell me where I can purchase the drawings you are using for your chore charts?

  4. Can you tell me how to purchase your chore charts?

  5. Can you tell me how to purchase your chore charts?


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