Friday, November 12, 2010

My Favorite Place to Go for Photo Products!

I love taking pictures of my kids! I wish I was a skilled photographer, but I'm not, so I have to do the best I can with my simple digital camera. I was pretty pleased with the photos I took of my 8 year old daughter last week in her beautiful, white baptism dress! (These pics here are 2 of my faves.)

For the past week I have been "neck-deep" in pictures. I've been trying to get all my old pictures gathered and organized, and the zillions of pics I have on my computer are backed up and just sitting in folders in there! But what good are they inside the computer, not being enjoyed by my family?

My sister found the BEST website for making memory photo books and calendars!! It's called ARTSCOW. When you register with them, they start regularly sending you tons of coupon codes for FREE and DISCOUNTED photo products. It's AMAZING! I have been working on my photo books any chance I get, and can't wait to have them available for my family and friends to enjoy! Also, since Christmas is about here it's a FABULOUS GIFT IDEA, especially for parents and grandparents!! So I'm sending you over to ARTSCOW right now to REGISTER yourself an account (for free) and claim a bunch of FREE stuff right off the bat!! Consider this knowledge a "Thanks/Giving" gift from me to you!! XOXO

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  1. FYI- I've always enjoyed the photos you take and use on the blog.
    I LOVE the first picture of your daughter...I think the contrast of her white dress and the colorful flowers in the background look pretty.

  2. I've used Artscow quite a bit and I really love it. You've got to watch out for their shipping prices though!! They are much higher than I'd expected. But, since everything I order is "free" the shipping doesn't seem quite so bad.


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