Saturday, November 13, 2010

{Kitchen Cleanup} Job Chart

I've had "ah ha" moments (thanks Cami!) the last couple of weeks about Cleaning up the Kitchen(or maybe I've just reached my "limit" of having to do it all). The kitchen stays pretty clean during the day but as soon as the kids come home from school until bedtime it looks like a tornado hit. I'm usually too tired by the end of the day so most of the time it stays messy until morning. Not a good way to start each day.

So I'm hoping this "Cleanup Chart" will be the solution.

1-Cut & paint a board to your desire(mine is 9"x12") The magnetic metal piece was 6"x10.5"(found at Craft Warehouse).

2-I found this adorable paper(at Paper Cottage by Little Yellow Bicycle/Savor-"kitchenware") to use.

3-Glue the paper onto the magnetic metal with spray adhesive & then glue it to the board.

4-Roll the clay(Sculpty) out. Use the cardstock shape (1 1/2"x2") as your guide, cut the clay with the exacto knife. Stamp the letter onto the clay shape. "Age" the edges with the stamp pad. Bake as directed. Brush on a protective coat(I use clear fingernail polish because that is what I have-it works). Then glue the letter shape onto the magnetic board.

FYI-I decided to use the alphabet letters instead of pictures because I don't have time to change them often.

5-Cut the magnet sheet for the "job descriptions". I taped some scrapbook paper to the magnet. And wrote on it with a sharpie. I love how this can easily be changed.

The kids thought it would be nice to change it every week-I agree.

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  1. Great tips everybody. Thanks! I even have a giant colorful sign on my schoolroom that claims 'If not Pine Tree State, who? If not currently, when?'. I refer the kids to the current whenever there's a large number to scrub up, or employment to be done.job chart It's nice to listen to them say it to themselves typically, as they devour a born pencil or one thing (that wasn't even!). I additionally love the method you visit your students as 'friends'. may strive it....


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