Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween TREAT

{I'm sorry about this post coming after Halloween but my computer was being crazy so I couldn't post it last week} This a great idea so I'm posting it anyways-maybe it will work for you for next year.

After the kids go "Trick or Treat" -ing they get to pick some candy to eat (they usually like to count how many "pieces" they recieved while eating). Then we get a little sandwhich ziplock bag and they fill it. We set all the baggies {this candy secretly goes to the Bishop of our ward to fill his candy jar} out on the front door step for the Halloween Witch. [She is an old lady(aka the mom) who doesn't get any candy. So the kids share with her and she leaves them a treat.] In the morning they get to see what she has left them.

Our Halloween Witch leaves books.

Their leftover candy goes in their buckets.

I hope you all had a safe & wonderful Halloween.

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  1. I love it! I hope Kimberly reads about this as she has a hard time with all of their candy and what Bishop doesn't need his stash replenished? CUTE!


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