Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Tradition

Here is one of my most favorite Christmas traditions. The reason I must post about it TODAY is to give you some time to prepare, (in case you love this idea too)!

His name is "Mr. Peeps". He's an ELF from the North Pole, who shows up each year the day after Thanksgiving. He stays with us until Christmas Eve, let's Santa know how the children behaved the last few weeks, then goes back home in Santa's sleigh. Mr. Peeps has been coming to our home for several years now. He even brought a new elf with him a few years ago named Stanley. Click HERE to meet my elves and see the Mr. Peeps explanation poem.

"Mr. Peeps" was not my idea of course. The tradition has been around a long time. In fact, we had an elf named "Lucky" growing up, that still hangs out at my parents' each year.

If you love this idea and want to start this tradition, these little guys can be hard to find!! (You can check your local craft stores. That is where mine came from.) But here are some great online links to check out as well...

The Crazy Quilter (I think this is just for the pattern, to make your own)

Ragamuffin Designs (You can order Mr. Peeps, made by a gal named Kristen)

Elves Around the World

Elf On the Shelf

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  1. I love this idea. Last Christmas was the first time I had ever seen the book and elf sets. I definitely will be getting one this year.


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