Monday, September 27, 2010

{Smart} Music

Have you ever heard that listening to Mozart can make you smarter? I have, but I've always wondered if it was really true.

My sister's 6 yr/old little boy is a genius. At his young age, his IQ scores are off the charts, so much that the school doesn't even know what to do with him! My sister has recently been studying the "Mozart Effect", trying to figure out if that has anything to do with her son's extrordinary IQ. (When my nephew was a baby and toddler, my sis played Mozart in his room at bedtime and while he slept, for a calming effect.) I think my nephew was born with smart genes, but who knows... could Mozart also have something to do with it?

Here are a couple of website links that my sister recently sent me for free downloads of Mozart's music....
Musical Soup Mozart Downloads
Jerusalem Music Center

I now play Mozart in my home at bedtime, in the morning while getting ready for school, and during study/homework time. I call it "Smart Music", and my kids enjoy it's calming effect. I hope our "Smart Music" is stimulating their little brians. But whether or not it does that, it's calming, and my children are learing to appreciate the fine art and beauty of classical music.
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