Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mealtime Plan

With life being so crazy right now(and the kids schedule adjusted) I need an improved Mealtime Plan. I've been inspired by my friend Holly, who does a 2 week meal plan. She loves having everything ready to go for dinner for 2 weeks. It will be good to have the Plan posted on my frig(with a cute magnet-of course).

I found this great site and printed off the planning sheet. I picked one of my cookbooks like I did here to plan out of for the 2 week period.

I'm hoping that it being written down and in plain view will ease my dinner time worries.
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  1. I'm a meal planner to the Max! It has eased the "whats for dinner" whoas! Also.... WE LOVED the banana cream pie you made us! DH and I practically ate the WHOLE thing that night! :D Fell in love with the snickerdoodle crust!!!!! You HAFTA feature it!.... I want the recipe! You ROCK!!!


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