Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How Was {School} Today?

When the kids get home from school they usually ALL have something to tell me & usually at the same time. I want to hear about it all but one at a time. I thought about it and today I'm going to try something new. . .

1- they need to pick a numbered stick/coin. . .

2- then they get time on the timer. . (Family Fun Idea & timers found at Zurcher's Party Store for $0.49)

3- but if, by chance, they do run out of something to say or need some help they can pick a question stick(the ones with the colored tip facing out of the cup).

I colored the tip of each stick and taped the question on. When they are done answering that question they put the colored side down in the cup. When all the "colored side" tips are down, you can turn them over and reuse them.

These are just a few questions I have but I'm trying to think of more. If you have any i would you to share.
1-Did you meet anyone new today?
2-What was your lunch time like?
3-Did you love the outfit you wore?
4-Name 2 fun things that happened in a class.
5-Did your teacher say something funny?
6-What was your favorite part of your lunch?
7-Did anything exciting happen on the bus?
8-What was your favorite assignment today?
9-What did you do in P.E. ?
10-What did you do in Math?
11-What did you do in Science?
12-Tell me about your favorite part of the book you are reading.
13-What did you & your friends do at recess?
14-Name 2 things you love about your school.
15-Did you help another teacher or student?
16-How do you feel you are doing in school?
17-What was your favorite part of the day?

Somedays it will be nice to ask another question like these instead of "How was School Today?"
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  1. What a great idea!!! For now Aliya gets all my attention when she gets home :)-but I know in the future this is going to be a great tool!-thanks

  2. You're AMAZING! This is such a fun idea, and such a good tool. Boy you could use it for lots of things, even just to get dinner conversation going....

  3. Thanks! That is a great idea for dinner, Tricia. For dinner we also have asked the question "Who did you serve today?" Helps them to think of others.


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