Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Goes First? Ideas #2

Like my other idea this tool is to help you know which child will Go First in an activity. These Wooden Sticks are a perfect addition to our container.

I covered these plain craft sticks(walmart has a big box for a great deal but so do the craft stores if you have a coupon) in some denium fabric (with mod podge of course). I used a stencil to spray paint the numbers on.

I found this tin at the second hand store and (mod podged) added some fabric for beauty & durability.

I keep all the "idea" tools in this container. Then I can alternate them.

I love having fun "Tools"!
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  1. that is so cute! i love the fabric on the sticks!

  2. thanks! I could put fabric everywhere-i love that stuff.


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