Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Catching My Breath and Some Current Events

Last week was completely overwhelming!  I've been working for months, on an emergency preparedness plan for my ward.  But I had to present it to my ward this last Sunday, so my time had to come to an end.  For the last 3 weeks I've worked day and night to get it done.  But this last week was crunch time.  I spent every second of my waking hours on the project.  I even had several girlfriends involved, helping me complete the binders I made for our entire ward.

By Sunday I had so much laundry, dishes, and clutter piled up, I was about to go lose my mind!  We spent all of Sunday afternoon straightening and getting our home back in order.  This week I am {catching my breath} and trying to get my house in order again.  This is why the blog is not a high priority for me this week. 

A couple of things happened this last weekend, one wonderful and one tragic, both of which have been in my thoughts and prayers all week.  I have 2 links to share that involve ALL of OUR PRAYERS and SUPPORT. 

Glenn Beck is someone I admire and have so much respect for.  He gave a beautiful speech on Saturday in Washington called "Restoring Honor" where about 500,.000 people were present.  It was SO inspiring!!

Then on Sunday, an LDS bishop was shot and killed inside the church building in Visalia, CA. That one is incomprehensible.  He was young, just 42, and a father of 6 young boys.  It's just so wrong.
Please join your prayers with mine in light of these two events.  Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend! Pin It

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