Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happpy Birthday Traditions!


I love birthdays, because it's a perfect time to focus on ONE child / family member and make them feel extra special! 

What are some of your BIRTHDAY TRADITIONS??

Here are some of ours...

1. We DECORATE!! (including the birthday wreath for the front door, pillowcase, table cloth, chair back, Happy B-day banner, framed baby picture, etc.) 
**I have my decor ideas ready to share with you next week!!**

2. Birthday child gets to choose all MEALS and say all prayers.

3. B-day person gets to use the special RED PLATE (charger)

4. Birthday child gets to go on a DATE NIGHTalone with Mom and Dad on weekend night closest to b-day.

5. Birthday child gets to wear a BUTTON that shows it's his/her birthday.

6. Birthday child gets to sleep on the Birthday PILLOWCASE for a whole week.

7. They get to have a "friends" PARTY every other year. (even #'s starting at 6th B-day)

8. They fill out their Birthday Questionaire, which is kept in their B-day Binder. (will share that, plus the printable with you in the next week or two when I recover file from other crashed computer)

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