Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{Birthday} Gift Bag

To save money for summer, at the end of the school year I cut off the pant legs to my kids' pants & magically they are shorts. It usually works out great because most of their pants have holes in them.

These pant legs were just too cute to throw out. They will make a great Bag for a Birthday Gift.

1-With the cut off pant leg cut a piece of fabric 5 inch wide x the length around the "top".

2-Fold in 1/2 and iron.

3-Then fold both sides into the middle and iron.

4-Pin it around the "top"

5-Sew a decorative or straight stitch around the top and bottom of fabric band.

6-Turn inside out and sew up the bottom.

7-To sew the side "divits" fold bottom corner into a triangle and sew across.

8-This is what the "divits" will look like from the outside.

9-Using a pull thru tool (safety pins work just as well) pull the ribbon thru the opening in the side.

10-Now just add some personal touches & you are ready to give a great gift! Pin It


  1. What a great idea! Love it!

  2. I love this!! It's so fun when you can re-use stuff & make it sooo Cute!!


  3. So, so, so CUTE!!

    Now I just need to swipe the grandkids pants and build some bags.

  4. Jody-good luck with that! But you can also go to the second hand stores/garage sales to pick up some great deals.


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