Thursday, June 10, 2010

{Birthday} Binders

I started these binders last year for our kids to put some favorite memories of their Birthdays. The Birthday Binders hold. . . . . .

1-"Favorite's" page(inspired by Carlene Tanner). I filled out this one for my son because he's only 4 but I like the girls to fill out theirs. It will be fun later on for them to see their handwriting as a child. I went to Walmart to buy this cute paper(& 1/2" binders) to print the information on.
"Favorite's" Page*My favorite: food, dessert, candy bar, color, movie,
activity in my spare time, subject in school, besst freind, toy,
primary song, day of the week.
*When I grow up I want to be. . .
*For my Birthday I got. . .
*My favorite part of the day was. . .

2-On the backside of the "favorite's" page I take a picture of them & write down "Mom's Top Five Favorites about {child's name}.

3-The night before, they get to choose & write down what they will eat for their special day. Then we hang it on the fridge.

Other items to fill the notebook: hand drawn pictures, letters to the child or hand/feet prints.

This binder will be a treasure to look at to see all the changes from year to year. I'm so excited. Pin It


  1. I LOVE your Birthday celebrations! The Happy Birthday Traditions are great!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Brenda

    Come join the fun! A Cupcake Pin Cusion giveaway and gift certificate is going on!

  2. I was just wondering where you found the birthday favorite pages? I would love to start the tradition with my kids. I love your blog! Thank you for all the great ideas!

  3. Jodie- My (Angela's) Birthday Binder post is scheduled for WEDNESDAY and I have a printable birthday survey to share with it!! {{giddy}} Also, I plan to turn Heather's into PDF's to share as well. Surely come back on WEDNESDAY!! :o)

  4. I am here fron the idea door and i LOVE this idea! im going to show this off on my blog:)

  5. where is the printable favorites page?


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