Friday, May 28, 2010

A Book Worth Reading for Parents!

Hello Creative Homemaker Friends! I have been very "hit-n-miss" with my posting, especially lately... I've been working a temporary part-time job for the past 6 weeks, and there seems to never be enough hours in a day for extra stuff. I'm just not beautifully organized like Heather is. Which is okay. We all have our strengths/weaknesses.

I've had to really pay attention to prioritization lately, and one of my biggest priorities right now is to teach my oldest child the "facts of life". {{sci-fi music please}} I've been meaning to do it for a couple of years now. (At least, my parents gave me "the talk" at about age 9.)

But these days we need to be talking to our kids much earlier on! I really wanted to be prepared and know how to do it the RIGHT way. (Not that my mom did it wrong, but I was pretty horrified to hit puberty! And sex was always protrayed by most adults [from my young perspective] as something bad, embarrassing, forbidden, wrong, awkward, etc.) Eventhough I'm sure the intentions were that of love and protection!

So guess what?? I found the answers... on the pages of THIS book...

I'd heard this book was a "must have" for parents, so I hurried to get a copy. And YES!! Definately a MUST-HAVE!! In fact, the other day I was reading it while waiting for my son at an appt. and just had to show it to a mom sitting next to me. She was SO impressed and appreciative that she was planning to pick up a copy for herself! Pin It

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