Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family {Picture} Wall

I love Pictures(as I'm sure everyone does)! This wall piece(magnetic sheet metal) is great to showcase our Family Pictures. If we go on a trip or just have a professional one taken I want to be able to put it up. I like that its so easily changeable. {But I do try to keep it just for the pictures with the "whole" family.} It is fun to see the ones with the kids little & then now to see how they have grown.

I just screwed the sheet onto the wall(you could put it on some wood if you so desire) & used some plastic picture holders (found at Walmart) with magnets on the back. So Simple! Pin It


  1. Great Idea! I think putting the sheet metal in a large picture frame would look nice. I did something similar in my craft room.

  2. Gayle- thank you for your comment. I have so many "framed" magnet boards around my house that is why this one is different. You are right though, a picture frame does finish it off nicely.

  3. I totally love this! I just love finding unique ways to display pictures around the home, but especially when they're easily interchangeable. I also love the 2 signs at the top. Did you make those, or did you purchase them somewhere?

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I plan to create one of my own very soon!


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