Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{Picture/Work} Book Scriptures

I 've been taking a wonderful parenting class and the teacher referred to the scriptures as a "workbook". I have written in the margins but usually with not enough room to write my thoughts. I wanted to take it a step further. I love pictures because they can describe something so well with very few words or not any at all.
I went to Seagull Book Store and got some pictures. I told the cashier what I was doing and she mentioned that she did something similar(on her mission) but with pictures from the Ensigns. So needless to say I went home and looked thru my magazines and found more pictures.

1-I just covered the front of the picture with contact paper.

2-This picture came out of the Ensign so I covered the back with label stickers so I could write any notes or thoughts in the empty space.

3-After buying these "who's your hero" mini cards(which are amazing), I wanted to put these in my scriptures but found they were too thick so I copied them on white paper and gave the originals to my kids.

4-Use a glue stick along the spine of the picture to be put in the spine of your scriptures.

5-These were quotes I put in my scriptures in seminary in High School (with a glue stick-still there 14 years later) and I love them. I do enjoy reading and pondering but now even more with pictures and writeable space.

Just another thing: as I study I have a "scripture journal"(simple notebook inspired by Becky). I write the reference down and then I write down any thoughts or questions that come to mind. I hope to have many of these journals Pin It


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful ideas and suggestions. I have recently been feasting on my scriptures, and I have been searching for the ideas of others as to how they incorporate quotes, pictures, etc. You truly are an answer to my prayers! Thank you so much for your help!

  2. great idea. I haven't done any glue ins since seminary and it would be good to start again.

  3. Yes, thank you.
    I'm totally visual. I need to do better at "feasting" rather than just reading. I think this idea would work for me.

  4. I wasn't quite sure if I should share this idea so THANK YOU for making my day!

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  7. I too haven't done any glue-ins since Seminary! I'd totally forgotten all about this.

    BTW, I'm totally going to feature this idea on Sunday at http://mommyslifemakeover.blogspot.com. Be sure to check it out!

  8. thank you Mommy's Life Makeover. I will check it out!


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