Monday, April 12, 2010

Emergency Preparedness Links

I am working on an emergency preparedness plan for my own family, as well as for my ward boundaries by assignment. In my research, I came across some great websites that I'd like to share with YOU!!

I also want to say a special THANK YOU to those who have emailed me with your ideas and support. I SO appreciate you!! One of you in particular, Gayle sent me tons of sites to check out. Here are my top faves:

Prepared NOT Scared! (love this one!)
Preparedness Brings Peace
I Will Prepare
Plenty of Picnics
Preparedness Matters
Fun With Food Storage
The Survival Mom
Emergency Preparedness
Food Storage Calculator
Emergency Prep Info from
72 Hour Kit- How to Make
Square Foot Gardening
Baking Soda Book
Emergency Preparedness via Pin It


  1. I really like this link:

  2. this site has great prices on food storages

  3. tonnsss of stuff


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