Friday, April 23, 2010

Cherishing {Baby's First Year}

I was fliping thru my Paper Trends Magazine the other day and Maggie had a great idea to use a notebook to journal the first year of a baby's life. Since my friend, Tristin just had a cute baby boy I knew this would help her in writing down those precious moments.

1-I just covered the front & back with Scrapbook paper. And then added a simple tag.

2-Cover inside covers with paper also.

3-I punched some tabs from paper(Maggie used ribbon).

4-Then I stapled the tabs to the lined paper. (I counted 8 sheets for every month)

5-First Page. . .

6-I titled the first page for each month.

Journaling is so Fun! Pin It


  1. that is really cute and would encourage anyone to write down those important memories and milestones!

  2. Oh I love this idea. Thank you for the idea.


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