Thursday, April 22, 2010

Backyard {Birdhouse}

Since today is Earth Day I decided to make a much needed Birdhouse for my backyard. I love to hear the birds chirp outside and see the beauty of each one. This project was cheap and easy. I found the plastic plate(.75) & tray(1.00) at Desseret Industries. Great Deals.

1-Supplies needed: base(tray), roof(plastic plate), pole(legs from an endtable but you could use 1x1 wood, dowel or a bed post), twine, large pony bead,washer and wire to make a needle.

2-Drill holes in the middle of all the pieces.

3-Before you begin to thread all the pieces put the twine thru the washer then take each strain , wrap it around opposite sides of the washer and go back thru the washer a second time.

4-Made my own "needle" to thread thru the pieces.

5-Put the doubled up piece of twine thru the "eye" of the needle.

6-Threading it thru. . .

7-After you've assembled all the pieces, use a larger pony bead to finish it off.

8-Go thru the pony bead once with the twine then put it thru a second time (like the washer) to help secure it.

9-Tie a knot above the pony bead and then a little further up so you can hang it.

Now I just have to fill it with birdseed. This comes to my mind after just writing that "if you build, it they will come." (Field of Dreams movie) Pin It

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