Monday, April 26, 2010

Ang's Flower Clip Tutorial

Flower clips are very easy to make! However, done right they can be a little more time-consuming than they look (maybe only for ME because I'm an extreme perfectionist). I've made them to sell in the past, but the price is never equal to the time I put into them.

So I make them for my daughters, as gifts for my nieces, as baby gifts for friends; and of course my daughters' friends [and moms] anticipate them at their birthday parties!

Here is how I make my flower clips!...

What you will need:

Alligator Clips (I like the 2" single prong clips)

Silk Flowers (Where ever you can find them. Various craft stores, Walmart, or even the dollar store!)

3/8" Ribbon (Craft/Fabric stores or Walmart. I like the grossgrain ribbon best.)

Fray Check (Found in the "Sewing Notions" section)

Glue Gun and Hot-Glue sticks

Craft/Fabric Scissors

Jewels, Buttons, Etc. (Craft stores)

What you will DO:

1- Cut 4" of ribbon, and gently wet each end with Fray Check. Set aside to dry.

2- Pull flower off plastic stem, then pull off all plastic parts (so you are left with just the pedals).

*Discard all the plastic parts; unless you like the middle, in which case you would just snip off the remaining stem and set aside to glue back onto the top.

*Steps 1 & 2 are significant in keeping the flower- (esp. a gerber daisy)- flat for glueing to the clip.

3- Starting at the bottom layer, glue each layer of flower pedals back together.

4- Glue on a jewel and/or button on the top/center of flower (or use original center if you prefer). Set finished flower aside.

5- (Have clip ready!) Take the 4" ribbon and apply hot-glue to half. Quickly put glue gun down and grab the clip, pinching it open. slide the ribbon onto the under-side of the top of clip and press to adhere.

6- Finish glueing on top, fold and press the ribbon down quickly. Then turn clip over and glue a little hot-glue to back, pressing ribbon over that.

7- Turn flower over and glue clip (ribbon-covered side) to back/bottom of flower. YOU'RE DONE! Enjoy your cute flower clip!

*Spray Scotch Guard onto finished flower clip for extra protection against dirt and dinge.

*Add some "grip" to the clip by hot-glueing some cupboard liner to the under-side (over the ribbon).

*Do not store flower clips in a drawer! Clip them to a long piece of ribbon that you hang from the wall. This will #1, keep them from getting frumpy and #2, organize them nicely for easy finding!

*To clean, wipe with damp cloth. Or you can carefully rinse in slightly soapy water and lay flat to dry.

**Coming soon... My own Creative Homemaker Etsy shop!! It will have hair-clip organizers, as well as DIY kits for flower clips. Stay tuned, and I will post about it as soon as I get it going!!** Pin It


  1. Here's how I made my flower clips. I used some of my grandma's old jewelry for the jewel centers. She has mis-matched ones.


  2. Staci- I just went to your blog... Cute! You are so creative!! Your flower clips are great... I LOVE the grandma's earing touch. It's so sentimental, and a neat way to re-use her old things! I love those particular flowers you got from the dollar store. They are durable and a good size. I get those too from my dollar store! Thanks for your link and for reading our blog! :o)

  3. This is just ADORABLE! I just love all of your wonderful creative ideas. I am always looking for fun stuff and these are just perfect. I will make some of these flower hair clips for my niece, she will surely love these clips. Thanks for this tutorial. I really love it. <3


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