Thursday, March 11, 2010

{Our} Family Motto

We love our Family Motto Board because we came up with it together. We each took our beginning initial {the funny thing is that it actually spells something} and decided what it would stand for and what we wanted to aspire to. President Hinckley's "Be's" were a great inspiration. I know this will unite our family because we have the same goal to be. . . . . . Worthy, Humble, Artistic, Athletic, Achieving, and Teachable.

1-I first spray painted the board Black then Cream. Then I used the negative of a vinyl piece as my template.

2-Then I sprayed painted the lettering with Dark Brown.

3-I sanded the whole thing down to give it that "aged" look (even over the lettering). Pin It


  1. Our family motto is "Smullins Stand Up!" It's displayed in vinyl above our front door. We thought that this simple phrase could cover almost any situation. Stand up for what is right. Stand up for one another. Stand up for what you believe in, etc.

    Cute board. Love the WHAAAT!

  2. I like that phrase "Smullins Stand Up". Its nice and simple. I have a hard time doing "simple" so you are an inspiration. thanks for the comment.


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