Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family Traditions

Since the beginning of this year, Heather and I have decided to focus our posts on a different theme each month. March's theme is on Family Togetherness, so this is why we have shared our FHE charts and some fun family games and traditions.

James E. Faust, May 1983, said:
"Develop family traditions. Some of the greatest strengths of families can be found in their own traditions." (found through Carleen Tanner's parenting class outline)

Here are the reasons we must create family traditions: (as taught in the wonderful parenting class by Carleen Tanner)

We ALL have these basic human NEEDS:
1. A need to BELONG
2. A strong sense of IDENTITY
3. ACCEPTANCE by others
4. Emotional & physical SECURITY

Family Traditions can:
1. Bind hearts & give fam. members a sense of identity
2. Connect family members to heritage
3. Remind family members what they stand for
4. Acknowledge & celebrate important events in the lives of fam. members
5. Give a sense of security & continuity
6. Cement people together as a family unit

TRADITIONS are so important to me and my family, and SO MUCH FUN to create and implement as something special and unique to US. I hope you will share some of your special family traditions with us as well! Stay tuned... On Monday I will share with you my family cheer/song/motto and mission statement! ♥ Pin It

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  1. Carleen's class is the best ever. I still look through her study guide/booklet, and some of her words of absolute wisdom have helped me so much... "things will get worse before they get better" keeps me going when I'm trying to implement positive changes the kids don't like, or don't think are positive. :) We have been saying our family cheer every night after prayers for 6 years, too. Our then 4-year-old made it up and it was perfect!


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