Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My {LUCKY} Charms

I am blessed with 4 Lucky Charms. I love the word "LUCKY". We truely are lucky to live in this country and have the freedoms we have as a Nation and as Women.

1-What a lucky deal I found at Home Depot. I went to their wood bargain bin(in the back) and found these 7" x 48" pieces of wood for only .51 each. I cut this square into a 7" x 7" block.

2-I cut some heavy duty wire(I think I found it in the fencing materials at HD) into 2 pieces, 16" long. Then fold both of them in 1/2.

3-Drill a hole in the top to fit your wire in.

4-Curl wire (for the pictures) with a dowel.

5-Cut a piece of fabric to fit the block and Mod Podge it on.

6-Hot glue the wire into place.

7-Finish with vinyl lettering(I did green glitter on the shamrocks) and place pictures in the wire coils. I also attached some ribbon to the base of the wire.

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