Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Button Rings

I love Rings. They are so fun to wear and the bigger they are, the better. Although right now I can't afford bying a bunch of those big rings so I decided to make some.

1-I had all the buttons but found this elastic at Goodwill. I've had a hard time finding the ring base at the craft stores(and I didn't want to send for one) so I had to go another route. Elastic!

2-Measure your finger leaving 1/4 inch excess.

3-Handstitch together. Start by going in from the top.

4-Leave and end.

5-Stitch over the top of the end piece.

6-On flap end go thru so you can load the buttons.

7-Load buttons.

8-Go thru other side of button hole back to the elastic.

9-Stitch thru the back a couple of times to finish it off.

10- Great for fingers. . .

and toes {for summertime with flip flops}!

You could use different colored elastic, beads or buttons-the possibilities are endless!
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  1. Heather, email me I lost your email. See I am not good with paper. Love this idea



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