Thursday, February 25, 2010

{You + Me} = Date Night

I absolutely LOVE going on dates with my hubby. I love to get all dolled up (wearing white pants even)and feel like a WOMAN and not a MOM for a night. It truely reminds me often why I fell in love with him. Its just us and we can feel/act like teenagers. How FUN is that! To prevent us from getting into a rut of going to "dinner and a movie" I decided to make a Binder of Ideas.

I organized the ideas into categories with some inspiration and more inspiration. To alleviate the burden of one of us always planning every Friday night date I've broken it down week to week.

Week {1} Temple
Week {2} Heather's Choice
Week {3} Temple
Week {4} Guillermo's Choice
Week{5} At Home

The Inside. . .

I just cut some paper to staple over the existing tabs.

The deocrated dividers. Section labels are: Babysitter Information, Fun Ways to Ask, Fun with Couples, Fun ways Romantically, & Fun Indoors & Out.

These are a couple of books I have for added ideas. They are wonderful.

I believe this is {one} of the most important things you can do in your marriage. I always try to remind myself that I want to know him when I'm old & gray.

Good Luck in your Dating Adventures!
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  1. I love the idea of putting it into a binder! I adore date nights and think that it is necessary! We are beginning The Great Date Experiment our church is doing. I'm so excited. It is not dinner and movie. Great questions to discuss and ideas! I'm so excited and will be blogging about it soon.

  2. super cute it! I'm off to check out those links! :)

  3. Could we see what the inside of your binder looks like? How did you set it up? I Love this idea!

  4. So would you be willing to email the ideas you have to me? I am compiling my own binder, doing a lot cut & paste. This would help speed up the process.

    paige at marston dot ws

  5. A date with a movie night is always a great idea, I am fond of such things and I have even planned to watch Pretty Hard Cases Season 3 In USA on the next one.


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