Thursday, February 25, 2010

Date Night Polls

February 2010

My man and I go on date nights without the kids:
(142 votes)

Every Week- 48 (33%)
Once/Month- 40 (28%)
Rarely Ever- 54 (38%)

We don't get out alone much because: (66 votes)

No Babysitter- 19 (27%)
Afraid to leave kids w/ a sitter- 10 (15%)
Can't afford it right now!- 27 (40%)
Too busy- 7 (10%)
All of above- 4 (6%)
Are you kidding me?...

We ♥ date night!!- 18 (27%)

Interesting results! Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about this poll. We love your honesty in these annonymous polls, and it's so fun/interesting to hear some of the stories behind the votes!! Remember that if you share, please keep it positive and uplifting! ♥ Pin It

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