Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's Play Music!

I've mentioned this program before, but I just have to mention it again because it is one of the COOLEST things I have ever heard of and been involved in!!

This is a program called LET'S PLAY MUSIC. It's a 3 year program for children, teaching them MUSIC through songs and play. They start off learning basic music theory with the Solfeggio syllables and hand signs (do, re, mi, etc.) They learn to play on "bells" at first and learn the music staff and major/minor scales. There is actually SO much they learn in 3 years that I really can't even explain it all!! By the end of 3 years, the children will be composing/playing their own songs on the piano. WOW!!

My little girls are in their first year of this program, and I am EXTREMELY pleased and impressed!! I only wish my boys could have gotten this opportunity as well. It is seriously the NEATEST program ever in my opinion!! We have such a FABULOUS teacher here in Meridian, ID named Tina G. who we go to. There are teachers all over the US, and continuing to grow!

You can check out the Let's Play Music website for more info on the program. Also, if you hurry and stop by their blog TODAY they are doing a GIVEAWAY for a FREE METRONOME!! I entered, of course! Pin It

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